March 2018 concert with group „Perigon“ after the theatre play „Ein Sommernachtstraum im Cyber Valley“ by Schorsch Kamerun at Kammertheater Stuttgart.


March 2018 co-publisher of issue #3 of LOWLAND artist group and magazine. 


February 2018 presentation of „Sing For Us“ at audio-walk of guided exhibition „TRIP“ of Klasse Melián HFBK, Ohlsdorfer Friedhof Hamburg.


February 2018 premiere of video/performance „Clam Powder On Lofoten“

at HFBK Jahresausstellung Hamburg.


September 2017 performance with project „FOAM“ at exhibition of Daniel Tebano,

ASA Studios Hamburg.


May 2017 premiere of video/performance 

„GLOSSY ON HYDRA“ at ASFA BBQ performance- festival Athens, Greece in framework program of Documenta 14.


March 2017 Jury-assistant at Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart.


March 2017 installation „GHOST TRAIN“ at group exhibition of HFBK exchange partnership at Goldsmiths Insitute London.


March 2017 performance and exhibition „Interfacial Tension“ together with Kenneth Dow

at Galerie Genscher Hamburg.


From March 2017 studio fellowship at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

with artist group and magazine „LOWLAND“.


February 2017 performance „Water Park“ at "Stoffbandnacht" art festival

curated by Yorgos Sapountzis at Kunsthaus Hamburg.


From 2017 innovation- fonds of the city of Stuttgart for artist group and magazine



From October 2016 Master student at Master of Fine Arts „Timebased Media“ of HFBK Hamburg at class of Michaela Melián.


June 2016 „Perigon“ Concert at Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart.


2016 co- founder of „LOWLAND–Artist Group and Magazine“. Co- curator of „LOWLAND“ group- exhibition at Kunstverein Wagenhallen Stuttgart in September 2016. 


September 2015 „Perigon“ concert at the „Open Studios“ of Villa Romana Florence.


June 2015 performance „FAVOURITES“ at Höhenpark Killesberg

at art festival „18 Stunden“ of HMDK Stuttgart.


May 2015 solo exhibition „VAPORS“ at Ebene 0 Stuttgart.


January 2015 academic degree Master of Arts with honors in discipline „Formation of Knowledge in Art, Design and Media“, Merz Akademie Stuttgart.


May to November 2014 artistic interviews „Synchronisations“ with Brian Massumi and Ute Holl,

presentation at symposium „Praktiken des Umbruchs“, curated by David Quigley and Peter Ott, Merz Akademie Stuttgart.


June 2014 gallery fellowship and exhibition at „JUST Episoden“

at Calwer Passage Stuttgart.


From October 2013 theory- assistant of Maria Muhle, Merz Akademie Stuttgart.


June 2012 Degree Bachelor of Arts, graduation work „The Mask As Instance Of Formation Of Self“, supervised by Kathrin Busch and Michael Dreyer, Merz Akademie Stuttgart.


Born in 1989.