Anne's private mentorship is a luscious, warm, creativity-boosting and personalized save haven tailored uniquely for each client. It's not a match for everyone! This is for the kind of person who is ready for a deep dive into their hidden artistic powers and signature form of expression. If you are desiring a fully practicable and personal art thinking experience with daily mentorship from Anne, this is it!


This highly personalized safe haven of growth is for visionaries who have experienced success in their life or business and want to see their future thriving not only by rational standards but through the eyes of an artist, a creative soul who wants to make meaningful choices as someone profoundly inventive.


I typically work privately with personalities who have already built their vision into a business reality (or have been working on a project consistently) and desire to go all in, however this isn’t a must. My requirements are that you know who you are, you believe in your vision, you know your work is powerful and improves people´s lives, and you’re ambitious in the way you’re willing to dive into this new chapter. You bring questions and topics to the calls, you know what you want, you are driven and curious, and willing to learn. The women and sometimes men I work with know they’re destined for vast success through uniqueness, and they see me as the coach by their side who can help them re-invent themselves on the way there. The aim is not “quick” results although that can happen. The idea is about intentionally crafting your success and impact from the heart, in a way that honors your personal style, feminine energy, and optimal creator blueprint.


Our priority is each of the below according to what you need and desire:


Upgrading Your Next Level Identity- branding from logo design to personal brand, style, mindset, content


Expanding Your Artist Consciousness to the refined level of a leading visionary


Stepping into Your Life and Work as an Art Form


Becoming Magnetic for Soul-Aligned Fans and Lovers of Your Work


Life-changing performative Voice-Work and exercises that make you sound as resonant and resilient as you are


Structuring Your Work Practice for Your Optimal Creative Productivity, Art Thinker Force, & Life-Work-Art Balance


Support Through Your Most Successful Moments in The Limelight And The Inevitable Challenges of Being Different than ever Before


Tapping You Into The Power and Channel Of Your Signature Expression & Proven Art Practices


Polarity Work Between Feminine & Masculine Creativity So You Can Represent And Re-Design Your Relationship With Both.


Naming & Claiming Your Professional Standards Of Communication & Boundaries



My coaching activates many levels and is a holistic makeover to support your success.





Anne has a unique combination of skills to help you with:

  1. She is a professional brand designer (MA) helping businesses find their signature good look and unique logo, which makes her an expert for authentic and refined media presence and long-lasting media impact to radiate your values.

  2. Anne is a soul-led fine artist (MFA), singer and bass player who has toured in bands, experienced at showing her art around the world, inspiring her fans while spending art sessions immersed in her blue goddess paintings at the studio. This is when she feels her most untamed creativity come alive.

But all this has not just fallen into her lap. She created every bit of her artistic freedom and success herself. This is her story:


“Being from a humble & down to earth background my family & friends environment never saw artist as a real job. As a consequence I wasn't truly able to see myself as artist either. Even after two artistic Master Degrees I was secretly struggling. Then I realized it's only 20% outer circumstances and 80% inner mindset. Did you know that over 80% of art school graduates don't even end up as professional artists? But I wanted to, because I felt it at the core of my being. I started to adopt the belief that I am a source of creative energy no matter what I do or don't. The art goddess is a part of me and I can't go wrong if I just allow it to move in its natural cycles. Today I'm here to share what I've learned with you.”


Together we will explore how you will design with solidity and create with artistic freedom at the same time.


We address artist thinking strategies, mindset, your artist techniques of choice and outline a plan for you to accomplish your goals. And, it’s deeply energetic, spiritual and requires courage, presence and expansion.

We transform your business through practical design steps AND your artist mind, through your willingness to refine your unique expression & style, and by becoming the version of you that can create uniqueness powerfully from the heart.



If you are serious about initiating this next level for yourself please send me a message on Instagram. You can send a message like "Hi Anne, I'm interested in 1:1 mentorship with you."



€1222 Per Month and Includes:


Voice Messaging Access During Biz Hours 5 days a week Monday-Friday

2 60 Minute Zoom Audio Calls Monthly (no video to allow for freedom, focus, movement).


If this feels like a YES for you, please send me a message on Instagram. We will chat via voice messages to see if we are a good match, and I may send you a 1:1 application to move forward.

I'm excited to dive in and create magic with you! DM Anne on Instagram to chat about mentoring.