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Personalized goddess Paintings

This is more than an artistic portrait of you. It´s an abstract portrait of your unique inner goddess & essence

UNleash your creative leadership potential

1:1 Mentorship

This is for the kind of leader who is ready for a deep dive into their hidden artistic powers and explore their signature form of expression. If you are desiring a fully practicable and personal creative leadership activator and mindset experience with daily mentorship from Anne, this is it!


This is my self-study solution if you are a busy person and want to harness your creativity with only 30 minutes per day – and on top of that share your journey with a supportive hand-selected community.

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Do you want to cultivate a more creative and innovative team? Are you ready to unleash your authentic voice of self-expression and become an inspiring leader? Tap into your inner artist and learn the art of leadership through storytelling that inspires yourself, your team, and your clients.


As a mentor, I guide leaders on a transformative journey that explores the intersection of creativity, leadership, and personal growth. Together, we dive deep into your visionary transformation, helping you shed your mental armor and embrace your authentic voice.

🌞 Email me to discuss how I can help you unlock the doors to your authentic and refreshing art-energy source.


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Let's infuse your leadership with the transformative power of art!

Elevate Your Event with a Live Painting

Make your business opening an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Imagine the vibrant energy as they watch a captivating painting come to life right before their eyes, reflecting the essence and excitement of your special occasion.


As a live painter, I bring the magic of art to events, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that keeps attendees captivated. From the first brushstroke to the final masterpiece, I will transform your venue into a dynamic creative space, immersing your guests in the creative process.


At the end of the event, you'll receive the finished painting as a one-of-a-kind memento. It serves as a symbol of your special occasion, capturing its essence and telling a story that will be cherished for years to come.


Don't miss the opportunity to add a touch of artistry and creativity to your event. Book me as your live painter and let's make your business opening an unforgettable masterpiece!

TEAM BUilding ART Workshops

Being creative together makes teams strong. I offer team creativity workshops for groups of 4 - 16 people and durations from 120 minutes to 4 days.


Message me to book your team building art workshop event tailored to your needs!


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Always promising yourself to take time for your creativity but never making it? Then use my guide to make time for your own art & expression within only 5 Minutes each day!

3 ways to work with me:

Join my 7-day online art retreat for leaders, "Unlock Your Inner Artist." This immersive experience combines self-study with live masterclasses, providing you with a mix of inspiration and practical tools to unleash your creativity. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to the materials. Investment: $333.

Experience my 1:1 Creative Mindset Mentoring for leaders. Through daily guidance and private in-depth calls, I'll support you on your creative journey, helping you tap into your artistic potential and integrate it into your leadership approach. Investment: $1999 per month.

Bring the energy of my artwork into your business or personal space. Discover the hand-selected paintings from the Goddess Studio, each radiating high-vibration blue energy. Prices vary.