This is the only 7-day self-study course with live Masterclasses addressing your intersection of creativity, leadership, and personal growth. Grab this opportunity and benefit for a lifetime. Transform your life and leadership starting April 24th 2023!

This Course Is For You If:

You are a leader, entrepreneur, self-lead visionary and/or busy parent and have one or several of the following problems while being your own boss:


🖍 whether you started making art in the past or never even got started you feel that you have gotten too busy & never seem to have wiggle room for a regular practice


🖍 sometimes you don´t feel seen & heard while you have so much to share with your people, team & clients


🖍 you feel creatively blocked in your rationalized job but know deep inside that a creative take on life will make you steer your ship in a more impactful and inspiring way


🖍 you have never made art before but feel called to infuse your live and re-invent yourself creatively and don´t know where to start


🖍 you feel like an amateur when others talk about art and seem to "know it all" at art shows. You crave a chance to discover new authentic abilities in yourself and connect with people who already are artistic


You want to finally:


💡 have a creative mindset that is authentically yours like an inventive superpower


💡 develop your own unique impactful voice & presence that you need to guide and inspire your people with ease


💡 cultivate more passion & purpose in your life and work by being the artist and creator of amazing solutions and inspiring stories to share with your impressed team, family and clients


💡 connect with a supportive community of other leaders and visionaries who will be your companions as you start a new chapter in your life


💡 be on top of your busy schedule and still have the freedom to fully express yourself artistically


💡feel and think like an artist from the inside out – even without a paint brush, studio or pencil.



Then “Unlock Your Inner Artist” is your perfect 7-day online retreat! Both beginners and art-experienced people are meant to inspire each other and Anne will be the happy host to guide you along the way. 😀✨️