Artistic music project started by Anne Pflug in 2016

Anne Pflug project FOAM performance equipment
Minimal performance equipment of FOAM
Anne Pflug Performance with her project FOAM at Exhibition of Daniel Tebano at ASA-Studios Hamburg September 2017

„FOAM“ is an artistic music project focused

on situation based working.

Audio recordings are collected at different

sites and then used as a databank

for the arrangement of music pieces.

The performances of „FOAM“ are actively

working with the very site and

situation of their emergence shaping

the vocals and adding other prop-like


Performances are always using minimal

equipment, for instance only a vocal

microphone, a bowl of water and sea salt.

The recorded pieces of the project are

supposed to be sketches and do not

demand completeness, conventional

formats or production standards of the

music industry. Rather, the pieces are

created and performed as contingent