Artist Group and Magazine formed in 2016. Anne Pflug is a founding member.

LOWLAND artist group and magazine Exhibition opening at Theater Rampe Stuttgart October 25th 2018
Lowland Team together with the team of Theater Rampe Stuttgart at the opening of "Lowland 3" at Theater Rampe on October 25th 2018

LOWLAND is a made up place of artistic reality exchange.

It joins interdisciplinary artist group and magazine.

LOWLANDs goal is to create a space in which

artistic positions and practices are opened up and allow-

ed to influence each other. This exchange of work extends

and fuels our practice and perspective change. The artists 

participating in LOWLAND react to each other and get

to shift  between different realities of their work.

During every cycle of exchange, a new volume of LOWLAND

magazine is made and published and a group exhibition 

is curated.